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Our Mission
Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Our mission as developers of Magicosm is to produce a world that is fun, challenging and unique. Many of the decisions we have made, and will make, will be measured against the gameplay ideals which are laid out on this page. If you ever disagree with a gameplay decision you read about here at the Magicosm website, first measure it against these principles to see if they meet the spirit of what we are trying to do. If the gameplay decision is harmonious with our Mission, then feel free to challenge the Mission before arguing the gameplay point. If the decision is not congruent to our Mission, please point it out to us so we can rectify the contradiction.

Fun This is our single highest priority, and perhaps the most subjective. One person ' s fun is another person ' s tedium. Specifically we are determined to create a world where downtime is at a minimum. Downtime is defined by as as being time sinks which require you do so something which is tedious or boring. Every aspect of the Magicosm experience is being designed to allow you to make choices in how you will go about achieving a goal. We know that many gamers want to participate in a world like Magicosm, but do not have as much time as others. Many of these "casual gamers" are penalized severely in other online worlds, to the degree that they cannot have fun in a world which caters to those with the most time.
Roleplay This is an extremely important concept in Magicosm. When we say "roleplay" we are not talking about people being forced to speak in Olde English. By "roleplay" we mean that each person can develop their own role in Magicosm... and make a difference. Some people will adapt the roles of merchants, some of adventurers. But whatever your choice, you will be doing it within the context of the Magicosm world. Factions, allegiances and territories further provide an environment where people can develop local identities and come to align themselves with mini-societies within the world. We are also committed to providing many skills and options to allow you to create a truly unique character. Examples of this include dying clothes, unique hairstyles, facial uniqueness, tattoos, scars, and a large number of fashionable clothes.

Challenge We want Magicosm to provide a dimension that can prove challenging to the most hardcore of gamers, without making the time invested the single most overriding factor. Challenge can take many different forms, but in all of them we seek to maximize the reward for intelligence, strategy and innovation. People who play by template and formulae can find an ejoyable gaming experience in Magicosm, but it will pale in comparison to those that seek to adapt a more strategic and thoughtful approach. Everything from trade skills to combat will reward those who innovate, for in our truely dynamic world there is not always one right way to do something.

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